Thinking of buying?

Posted on Oct 11, 2017

The Big Decision & The Big purchase

Its a big deal..Really it are on the road to owing your first home. 

It can be a confusing, stressful time. is your first time purchasing a home. It is so worth it at the end of day. You have a place to call your own..

Decide on what's Important and know your Deal breakers before you look...


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Buying New Appliances?

Posted on Sep 11, 2017

How to research new home appliances in 4 easy steps
By  Serge Bojinski  | on March 28, 2017 |
Do you remember your first apartment? Was it really small or worn or outdated? Did you have to settle for second-hand furniture and appliances because that was all you could afford? As your first real taste of independence, you proba...

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