Thinking of buying?

The Big Decision & The Big purchase

Its a big deal..Really it are on the road to owing your first home. 

It can be a confusing, stressful time. is your first time purchasing a home. It is so worth it at the end of day. You have a place to call your own..

Decide on what's Important and know your Deal breakers before you look...

-What is your lifestyle now and how will that change when you move?
-Think about the purpose of your home and the requirements for your lifestyle.
-Do you want a bright kitchen or large family room? 
-Are you close to green spaces, parks and good schools?
-Is there transit accessibility?


Obtaining Mortgage Financing first is key..
As the old saying goes: Its better to have and not need - Than to need and not have..

The same goes for your Mortgage financing. Getting this taken care of and out of the way will give you more confidence when searching for your dream home.

Securing a Mortgage
Finding a lender that understands your specific needs and life plan is key..There are a few options when it comes to mortgage financing.

They have specialist who will help you through this process. Keep in mind that they can only sell their banks products. 

Mortgage Brokers 
Mortgage Brokers are independent of banks and dealing with just the mortgage business. Having more options that banks may not. They are there to help you secure financing for your purchase through all of the different banks and mortgage lending channels.

Working with a Realtor- Choosing a realtor that understands you and works with you is very very important.

They need to be able to listen,communicate and be proactive in all dealings with everyone and everything involved in the process, while understanding and adapting to the needs of their clients. They are able to bring objective perspective to the process that can help you stay focused on your goals 

"You have an accepted offer"  

Congratulations you are going to be a "Home Owner"

Your Realtor will go over all the details of the contract and what the next steps will be in the closing process...

Closing Costs

There are other costs that have to been looked at with the closing of your New home. Remember great realtors are able to guide you in the direction of the professionals that deal with these areas.. 
-Home Inspection
-Land Transfer Taxes
-Legal services for all the closing procedures.
-Home Insurance (Fire Insurance)
-Property tax and Utility Adjustments

At Team Buchan we understand the needs of our clients and what they are looking for in a relationship with their Real Estate Partner. This is what you get when you work with Team Buchan" a partner" for life..Working to create a smooth process for you to find your dream home or investment property with the most ease and professionalism. We deal with every client the same way. We pride ourself on our ability to be able to constantly adapt to the ever changing Real Estate markets while providing exceptional client service with superior negotiating skills for the best outcome for both buyers and sellers.

Rob Buchan
Team Buchan Real Estate Group